5-Facts You May Not Know About Man’s Best Friend

Do you think you know your best friend? I’m not talking about your human best friend.  We are talking about man’s best friend, dogs. In our culture today, dogs, scientifically known as canine lupus familiaris, have morphed into important parts of the family. So as we spend time with our friends, here are five little-known facts that just may help you strengthen that bond.

1. The average life span is 8-12 years, (small breeds: 10-14 years and larger breeds:  8-10 years). In comparison to humans, which is currently an average life span of  78.7 years.1,2

2. Regarding pregnancy, the average length of gestation is 63 days, with one trimester lasting 21 days.1

3. The American Kennel Club recognizes 197 breeds, with the most popular being the  Labrador Retriever.3

4. Besides salivating at the time of bacon, saliva secretion has a secondary function of evaporative cooling. Which after a walk or run, you may notice them panting a little more.1

5. Do you smell that? A dog does, a dog’s nose has over 400 times the number of  receptors in comparison to its human counterpart.1

These are just a sample of interesting and novel facts about our furry friends. Starting today, you can now look at your pet with new insight. With this new knowledge, we can enhance and have a better understanding of our best friends.

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– Jimmy Stevens, PharmD.



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