Wound Care

Prescott Compounding Pharmacy is often asked by practitioners to help their patients with wounds that are having a hard time healing. Often, a customized topical preparation helps patients who aren’t responding to other traditional methods of oral treatment.

Our compounded wound medications can help treat bacterial, viral or fungal infections. The active ingredients have a broad spectrum coverage for many different types of skin infections, as well as additional options to improve circulation and help reduce pain and inflammation.

The pharmacists at Prescott Compounding Pharmacy are able to assist in treatment options and provide culture review services, when needed. A simple treatment regimen makes it easier for patients to be compliant and optimal results are more likely to be achieved. We can help you determine which combination of medications and delivery method is best to treat the patient’s wound.

If you have questions or would like to see an in-office demonstration to learn more about the services that we provide for wound care, please contact the pharmacy.