Sexual Health

Sex is a vital component to any relationship. It stimulates closeness, bonding, and… well, it’s fun! We at Prescott Compounding Pharmacy know how important this piece of life can be, and we advocate for healthy and safe sexual activity for all of our patients.

If sometimes you just can’t get in the mood, you are not alone. Just within our Prescott Compounding Pharmacy community alone, we have hundreds of men and women who struggle with this.

40% of women report some sort of “sexual dysfunction,” which includes lack of sexual desire (libido), impaired arousal, difficulty to orgasm, and pain with sex. This is a lot of women! Just because women struggle with some of these issues, does not mean we are “dysfunctional.” This is a common part of life, and there are things that can help!

Changes in lifestyle, such as getting good sleep, reducing stress are key components of sexual health. It is important to also address any other conditions such as menopause, obesity, and low thyroid that could be contributing. Increasing novel experiences and cuddling or touching also help to physically change your body’s hormone levels to improve sexual connection.

There are several compounded medications that are particularly useful to help improve libido and sexual health. They are listed below. Additionally, vitamins and supplements such as Manganese, vitamin C and Ginko Biloba have been shown to improve sexual drive and connection.

  • Hormone replacement therapy, specifically testosterone can increase sexual drive
  • Estrogen vaginal cream, to help with dryness, pain and irritation
  • Libido cream, which is applied locally to the vaginal area prior to sex
  • Oxytocin is your “cuddle hormone.” It stimulates closeness and bonding

As mentioned before, sexual health may be an awkward topic, but it is a vital part of our lives. We are here to help. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.