Practitioner Support

Our goal is to optimize your patient’s treatment outcomes and improve compliance through customized medication solutions. Partnering with us gives you the freedom to prescribe quality, custom tailored medications for your patient’s unique needs. We are here to help! Our pharmacists are experienced practitioners that are available to assist with the common requests below.

New to writing for compounded medications?

We can help! Just give us a call and one of our experienced Pharmacists will walk you through writing your prescription. We can also give recommendations regarding formulations if you are unsure of common dosages, strengths, etc. We have pharmacist developed resources available including starting doses for HRT, signs and symptoms of hormone deficiency, and an overview of commonly prescribed hormones.

Have you heard of a novel therapeutic treatment but don’t know what strength, frequency, dosage form, or medication to write for?

Want to combine two medications into one? Looking to see if there is an alternate dosage form of a medication? We can help. Give one of our experienced pharmacists a call to create a formulation customized for your patient’s needs.

Treating a bug that you’ve never even heard of?

We are happy to review cultures for wound and sinus care and recommend a formulation for your patient. We take into account susceptibility, patient allergies & sensitivities, and insurance coverage so that we can treat the patient effectively, safely, and affordably.

Want to start your patient on hormone replacement therapy but don’t know where to begin?

We are here for you and your patient!  We offer hormone and functional medicine consultations for both men and women. We make it easy! Send us labs with your patient’s demographics. We will contact your patient and invite them in for an educational consultation that includes a customized treatment recommendation (faxed to you for your approval).

We do charge a nominal fee for these consultations that the patient is responsible for. We have found these consultations have a positive impact on patient outcomes! See below for a recommended list of labs.

Recommended Labs:


Testosterone (total and free) Full thyroid panel
Estrogen (estradiol and estriol) FSH/LH
Progesterone SHBG (if available)
Pregnenolone (if available) Vitamin D, 25-hydroxy