Hormone Therapy for Women

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) replaces deficient hormones in women with hormones that are identical to the ones that your body already naturally makes. Your body cannot differentiate between the prescription hormones and your natural hormones, making them both safe and effective when used appropriately.

Every woman is unique, and therefore the hormone replacement she requires is also very unique. The ability to customize specific hormones and dosing of these hormones is a primary benefit of compounding BHRT. As compounders, we can select only the specific hormones that you require and tailor the dosing specifically to your needs. This can be based on your individual lab values as well as the symptoms you are experiencing. Overtime, we can easily adjust your regimen to change and evolve as your body does.

Hormones in BHRT prescriptions can include two kinds of estrogens, estradiol and estriol, progesterone, and testosterone. Additionally, we can include precursor hormones such as pregnenolone and DHEA. A combination of these hormones can help improve symptoms including hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and mental fog. Hormones are also helpful for maintaining energy levels throughout the day, boosting your libido, stabilizing mood and facilitating better sleep.

Many patients have concerns about the safety of using hormone therapy. Let us put your mind at ease. BHRT helps not only with symptoms like those listed above but are also beneficial to maintain the health of your heart, bones, and brain. Estrogen therapy has a reputation of causing breast cancer in women, but this is specifically correlated with conjugated estrogens in combination with synthetic progestins. These chemicals are not bio-identical and are not used in our pharmacy. BHRT, when used appropriately, has been shown to reduce the risk of certain cancers including breast cancer.

Our pharmacists have received post-graduate training and attend seminars regularly to uphold their knowledge and expertise in compounding safe and effective BHRT. We offer consultative services to assist patients and practitioners with BHRT prescriptions. This service includes reviewing labs and making recommendations for BHRT and supplements. Please do not hesitate to reach out to use regarding these services or general questions about BHRT.